Tuesday August 23 2022

Waking up to the incessant sound of banging from next door – I guess maintenance is renovating the apartment next to us. It’s about 9 a.m. and my mind gets distracted with all kinds of thoughts, for some reason, things I’d like to tell Ana. I haven’t spoken to her in quite some time and I still feel the need to express stuff to her. But there’s like this wall.


Either way, I need to get back to sleep. I crank up the A/C unit and hope it drowns out the noise.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


At the warehouse meeting with Nigel, Kevin, Mike, and Rebecca to discuss upcoming ELO related business.


Afterwards, I do some cardio at the Rec for a half an hour.


Eggs. Spinach. Bagel. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.


As soon as I’m done I need to high tail it to The Shack at the oceanfront for a Ladada gig. WRV and 17th Street Surf Shop are having a gathering there and they hired us to play a set. I scarf down a Crab Cake Sandwich with Fries and a Lemon Crush.


We do alright considering the low grade PA we have to play through. And then, some fun stuff happens. I break the low E string mid song and Josiah falls off the stage lol.


At the studio trying to figure out the band room set up and sort cabling everywhere.


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