Sunday August 14 2022

Waking up at noon without any place I need to be.


Taking care of myself. Running to Whole Foods.


Then, attending the last showing of Something Rotten at the Little Theatre of Virginia Beach with Rebecca, Reid, and a few of the older cast members from Broadway.


I’ve never stepped foot inside here – always known about it. Even for how small it looks on the outside they make use of the space inside. Stage is perfectly designed. It’s cool seeing some of the numbers we performed yesterday being put on in a professional setting. A lot of talent on this stage.


Back home. Taking care of things and catching up from the weekend.


Leftover Pizza with Beets and Spinach.

Watching Godless (2017).


At the studio organizing all the things that were just left from the Broadway show – cleaning the mic packs and putting things away. Taking the recycle out. A gang of wild geese are hanging out by the water – almost every time either ducks or geese can be found here.


Taking care of things back home. Relaxing.


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