Tuesday August 16 2022

Waking up around 11:45 a.m.


Picking up some necessary groceries from Kroger.


Magic Spoon Cereal with Blueberries. Tea.


Doing all kinds of scheduling and emails.


Working out at the gym – finally! But I have to squeeze it in cause I’m glued to the Music Makers phone dealing with all kinds of things.



Eggs. Figs. Bagel. Spinach. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Coffee.


Teaching lessons then coaching a band.


Grabbing some dinner from Whole Foods.


Then, Ladada has a practice at the studio. It’s nice to do it here near home and in a different atmosphere. We clamp down our set list – feeling tighter as a band on the new songs.


Back home.

Catching up on business.


Finishing the final episode of Better Call Saul.


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