Monday August 29 2022


Waking up in this tiny bed in a Kure Beach cottage around 11 a.m.


Earlier in the morning my aunt left. Eating some Blueberries and an Egg at the table.


Dad and his wife Patty and I take a drive and catch the ferry across the Cape Fear River to Southport, a small little beachfront town with all kinds of quaint antique stores and cafes.


We spend a substantial amount of time looking through old things. Then, down at the pier exploring the shoreline and skipping rocks.



Back on the ferry across the river. Exploring up the way at Carolina Beach, a little more trafficked part of this strip of Carolina beach. Reminds me of a blend of Virginia Beach oceanfront and Outer Banks. There are a lot of cool local spots. We hit up Shuckin’ Shack for dinner where they serve oysters, shrimp, and crab.


Afterwards, I find us a dessert spot called The Peach Cobbler Factory.


Back at the Fort Fisher cottage area. I pump up the basketball. Finding some hoops up the way. Patty and I get some exercise throwing the ball around and breaking a sweat.


Relaxing in the living room of the cottage catching up on events of the day while dad and Patty watch The Kingsman on TV.


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