Sunday October 31 2021


Waking up bright and early at 11 a.m.


Magic Spoon Cereal. Tea.


Coaching two MMLIVE bands from 12-3.


Then right after, Thomas and Megan meet me here at the studio to load up his truck and my car for the Modern Day Warrior gig. They’re playing an outside neighborhood party in a cul-de-sac on Broad Bay Island. Andrew hangs around to help me out with sound and such. It’s quite a unique gig for them. Billy booked it himself and I just provided the amps, drums, and sound gear. Anna and Megan pair well together singing. They do all their hits and with one original song. Keegan is also here. We snack on the tables around the curb. It’s rewarding to watch this band really take off on their own. They’re able to learn so much on how to do a gig on their own. It really requires a lot more than most beginning musicians think.


Everybody helps pack everything up. Megan rides shotgun in my car to help load the gear back to the studio. I give her a ride home. Her parents are out on the driveway finishing up giving the trick or treaters candy.


Back home. Ana warmed up some dinner for us: Erica’s Vegan Pot Pies with Veggie Lumpia, and other goodies.


What a weekend it has been! I feel like I’ve barely gotten a moment to myself.


As I’m about to leave the house Ana sits down at the table and starts laying on me all this stuff she’s upset/disappointed about with me. I’m just in shock cause after all I’ve been through this weekend it’s like she’s thrown a ton of bricks on my back. It leads to me storming out of the house cause I don’t even want to deal with it. Of course she blows up my phone FaceTiming me over and over again.


At the studio she shows up even though she knows I have so much gear to organize. I’ve really reached my limit and get angry – hitting and slamming on things around me. She’s never seen me like that before and doesn’t realize how crazy she’s making me. I’m yelling cause I don’t know how else to get my feelings across and it literally feels like if I don’t scream she won’t really understand how serious I am. I don’t know how but she eventually leaves and we are at a calm.


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