Saturday October 30 2021

Waking up around 11:09 a.m.


Coaching two bands for MMLIVE from 12-3.


Back home. Eggs. English Muffin. Potato Chips. Spinach. Coffee.


Catching up on business.


Then, Ana and I put on our costumes and head out to Norfolk for the much anticipated Lava Halloween Extravaganza at Toast. I’ve never seen so many people fill this parking lot before. It’s like every year it just builds and builds into something more extravagant. Friends and local musicians come together to perform these cover bands: Paramore, Beastie Boys, Backstreet Boys, Earth Wind & Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and us The B-52’s. We call ourselves The B-53’s for tonight.



So many iconic moments just fell into place. We brought the ultimate party band to Norfolk. Being the headliners there seemed to be more anticipation and especially with our look. We had two months of preparation and it definitely shows. I take on the persona of the Southern monotone singing Fred sporting a short haired curly wig and rocking the cowbell. Of course, I’m running around orchestrating all the behind the curtain things also. But once I’m up there on that mic I go all out. I barely even recognize myself. The crowd’s faces are lit up and the costumes make the whole scene feel like something out of a movie.



At some point Ana and I make it back home looking through all the footage on Instagram and our phones. What an amazing night!


We make fire up in the bedroom and call it a night.


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