Friday October 15 2021

Waking up around noon.


Ana made us Waffles and Tea for breakfast.


Packing up and heading out! Linking up with Rebecca at the studio. Driving to the airport. With her and Jimmy on a plane to Hartford Connecticut using this new airline called Breeze, one of the most pleasant flights I’ve ever been on. It was a breeze!


Short and sweet flight. Landing. Picking up a rental car then driving us to Mohegan Sun, about an hour drive. It’s a big Indian reservation with a giant casino and resort.


Inside the décor and architecture is eye catching. It genuinely feels like a big mall but with slot machines everywhere. We scour for a place to eat. Jimmy ends up grabbing a Jersey Mike’s while Rebecca and I sit down at this Irish Pub. Enjoying a delicious but over portioned Fish n Chips. Afterwards, her and I grab a milkshake at Johnny Rocket’s. Sitting at the bar, a kind Filipino lady waits on us while the kitchen staff hustles at the grill. We don’t ever get the chance to hang out outside of work so it’s kind of nice. Sometimes I feel like in another life we’d be closer than we are.



We walk around a bit aimlessly through the halls and lobby. Discovering an arcade/bowling alley and trying our hand at pinball, Space Invaders, and air hockey.


Settling down up in the hotel room. I’m lucky to get a room all by myself at least for tonight until Mike arrives along with the van/crew in the morning.


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