Sunday October 17 2021


Waking up in a hotel at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Mike, my roomie and guitar player for the ELO band, is getting ready. I shower up as quickly as possible to make the noon checkout time.


Mike and Rebecca go find pizza somewhere. Jimmy sulks on a couch in the lobby because we’re not leaving to the airport soon enough. I hole up in a food court and catch up on computer things. Talking to Ana briefly – she’s been in Chicago visiting Cynthia.



Time to drive to the airport, about an hour away – a 4-person team (Rebecca, Mike, Jimmy, and I). Eating a few Mushroom Cheese Pizza slices and Coffee.


We arrive with plenty of time to spare. This new Breeze airline has been a breeze to say the least. Quick non-stop flight – plenty of leg room and efficient flight.


Landing in Norfolk – back home.


I clean up the studio where they had band rehearsals yesterday.


Back home. Unpacking. Warming up leftover Chicken Pad Thai and Kale for dinner.

Watching a little bit of Voyagers (2021).


Catching up on business with Green Tea.


Taking recycle out then working on restringing a guitar at Music Makers.






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