Saturday July 17 2021


Waking up early at 9:50 a.m.


Oatmeal Breakfast Bar with Tea.


Ana and I attend a funeral – one of her aunt’s husband passed away and we’re there to support but also play a few songs during the service. We did the “All I Have to Do is Dream” song and “I’ll Fly Away”. Even though I wasn’t close to Toby it’s nice to see all of Ana’s family. Being at funerals can be strange cause I’m reminded of my mom – and then I think about how close my dad could be to passing (which he’s not at the moment).


We stop by The Amish Bakery off Princess Anne and admire the vastness of all the handmade furniture – buying a few cinnamon rolls.


Back home. Catching up on things


Scrambled Eggs. Cinnamon Roll. Spinach. Coffee.


Meeting with Aluan, a potential new roommate to replace Roland. He’s Leisa’s brother – very introverted and chill. I think we found a winner.


Ordering new phones.




Ana and I grab sushi for dinner at Fuji Yama.

Afterwards, linking up with Anthony and gang at Casey’s Pub, a little dive bar off the boulevard. Myah and him had a baby shower earlier. Hanging around in the back by the pool table.



Back home. Ana and I make fire in my bedroom.


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