Wednesday October 7 2020


Waking up at 11:38 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Breakfast Tea.


Catching up on business and things. Meanwhile, Al’z dudes are here finishing up the dining room ceiling. It’s been a whole week since we cleared it for them.


Ana and I team up in the kitchen to prepare a crock pot dinner.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Coffee.

Watching You Should Have Left (2020).


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.




Quick dinner at the house: Bean and Vegetable Soup with Quinoa and Garlic Naan Bread.


Then another productive Fleetwood Mac rehearsal. It goes a little longer than usual. Afterwards, I drive over to the other rehearsal spot to set up for an MMLIVE band rehearsal the next night. Goodness, it seem like every year October is stacked to the brim with music related things.


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