Saturday October 17 2020

Waking up off and on throughout the morning. I put on a long rain sound video to help me sleep.


Up and about after 10:30 a.m. Down the street I find a local coffee shop called Genesis – drinking a great 8 ounce cup of Coffee with a Blueberry Scone. Sitting out in front of the opera house next to the WWI memorial. It’s a beautiful day out with a slight chill.


Exploring the opera house – this place was built back in 1881 – climbing some ladders that lead to the clock tower. There’s a big old bell too – how could I not ring the bell. Meanwhile, Jorge fills the theater with beautiful violin sounds.



Setting up the stage for sound check. We just recently got a whole new system for in ear monitors which makes everything go pretty smoothly.


Walking around town – finding an enormous antique shop with endless rooms and corners full of creepy dolls, vintage signs, books, toys, etc. Upstairs, there’s more rooms where the lights don’t work so you have to turn on your phone light to see. The two country bumpkin dudes that seem to run the place walk around pet talking to this Garfield cat named Pablo. The cat purrs loudly and is very sociable. I buy an old case, a laser disc of American Werewolf in London, an old program of The Cat and the Fiddle, and two buttons for Reagan/Bush 1984.



Peanut Butter Protein Bar with Chips.


Talking with dad on the phone.


Green Tea.


Catering for dinner tonight is Spaghetti and Salad.


Hit time is 8 p.m. and we’re on stage playing our two 45 minute sets.


Afterwards, we do our best to pack up all the gear and hightail it outta there fast cause we have a long overnight journey home. I take the first shift to drive. At a gas station stop everyone tries to order Wendy’s but there seems to be a long holdup and wait to get food. I settle on a donut and Coffee.


While I drive I chat with Jorge who’s in the passenger seat about his life story and his teaching experience. 4 hours in we stop at the iconic South of the Border – it looks like an abandoned Las Vegas – so many neon lights and signs – but the only thing open is a gas station and bathrooms.



I hole up in one of the back seats attempting to sleep the rest of the way.


After all is said and done I arrive in my bed next Ana back home around 8 a.m.


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