Friday January 19 2018



We’re all hiding inside a house – with mom, Ana, and others. We’re trying to be very still and only allow minimal movement by the windows. Just outside is a hostile military-like unit looking for us. Mom accidentally flicks something on the blinds. Now we’re discovered. I notice Elvis, the cat, is pawing and clawing just outside the back door. I assumed the hostiles wouldn’t bother with him so I don’t dare let him in. An uncle of some kind is understood to be skilled with swords and ancient ways. I run to his room and retrieve a special sword he has locked up on the wall. When I return something terrible happened and Elvis died. The uncle and another dude were fighting and a gun went off somehow decapitating the cat. I look down at the floor in shock to see Elvis’s head and no clue where his body is. The whole dream feels very traumatic and real. We all mourn his death.


Waking up at 10:30 a.m.

Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Strawberries, Maple Syrup, and Kefir. Coffee.

At the Rec playing adult basketball. Something magical happens with my shots and play today. My teammates keep complimenting me, “I want what you had for breakfast!”

“Oatmeal and coffee,” I tell them.

Scrambled Eggs. Sourdough Toast with Butter and Jam. Cara Cara Orange. Oolong Tea.

Watching The Open House (2018).

Teaching in-home lessons.

And my teaching game is on point. I don’t know what it is about caffeine but I’m reminded how important coffee could be in my life…just one cup a day.

Enjoying some leftover Tempeh Pad Thai with Mixed Veggies.

DEJA got offered to play a last minute gig at South Beach. Most of my housemates are present. We’re still working in Wade, our new bass player.

Back home after a long day’s work. Snacking on a bowl of Popcorn and Pineapple Juice.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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