Sunday December 14 2014

Ana's Little Light (December 14 2014)[i]

Waking up at 11:08 a.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Raspberries and Almond Milk. Navel Orange.

All day shift at China Wok.

Sipping on Pu-erh Tea.

Ana drops by and becomes my afternoon sidekick. We make Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches at the house and stuff our faces with them in the car. She's got this love-hate relationship with bread as of late but the only real way to enjoy peanut butter is on toasted bread of course. The other problem is she hasn't had peanut butter in a while. Even after she finishes eating her sandwich I witness her continue to eat the peanut butter straight out of the container with a banana. And even after the banana is gone she keeps going off and on while I deliver Chinese food.

Me: "Ana! What is going on?"

I point out the fact she just consumed about 800 calories in the peanut butter alone. But she said this is her only real meal of the day. Nonetheless I'm forced to confiscate the peanut butter container otherwise I'm certain she'd eat it clean out.

Ana's Reflection (December 14 2014)

In zombie mode driving around. Listening to a podcast on motivation:

Off work and back home at a decent hour. I talk with Kevin for a bit. He's hanging out with that girl, Sydney, for the second time in a row. This is a good sign.

Egg, Broccoli, and Rice. Iced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes.

Watching A Simple Plan (1998).

In the hallway I overhear Kevin and Sydney laughing and talking in his bed.

Me: "I heard that!"

Kevin: "You didn't hear that! Are you standing by the door?"

I walk away and continue my chores.

Sydney: "I love him. He's awesome."

Kevin: "Yeah, until he puts you in his fucking blog."

Sleep at 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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