Friday December 5 2014

Pumpkin Bathroom Accent (December 5 2014)[i]

Waking up at noon to the sound of Darren banging nails in his bedroom. He's installing a new door from when Josh kicked in holes one night started by a dispute between the two.

Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maca Powder, Almond Meal, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds, Strawberries, and Kefir. Coffee.

Returning the VW rental car and picking up the good ole Camry wagon. Running errands.

Jupiter being creepy...

Jupiter Creepin (December 5 2014)

PB&J. Potato Lentil Curls. Green Lemongrass Tea.

Voice and piano lessons at Music Makers.

I get called into China Wok for an hour or so.

Honey Crisp Apple. Thunderbird Energetica Cherry Walnut Crunch Bar.

Every now and then Ana and I have to visit Field Guide in Norfolk for dinner. It's our favorite place to dine by far. We partake together in three main dishes: Fried Chicken Breast with Kimchi Polenta Cake, Pan Gravy, and Petite Salad; Buffalo Fried Tofu with Celery Fried Rice, Bleu Cheese Hot Sauce and Crispy Leeks; and Roasted Beets and Carrots with Pickled Cherries, Kale, Pistachios and Cumin Yogurt. Sipping on Grapefruit Vodka Soda and a Bourbon Coke Slush.

At Field Guide with Ana (December 5 2014)

Me: "Why do you pinch me all the time?"

Ana: "Cute things need to be pinched!"

We have an urge to go dancing but unfortunately there's not much going on in town that would be up our alley. And so we rally...back at her place...on the ivories clanging and clanking, jingling and jangling...Ana's vocal dominance portrayed eloquently on "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree". When hanging out in her room it's obvious how big her love for bananas are when you can see three bunches hanging in a basket next to the Golden Pothos.

Me: "You're just a little monkey aren't you?" 

Ana IS BANANAS (December 5 2014)

Back at my house.

Upon entering the bathroom to brush my teeth I become startled at a huge cat loaf in the sink – its Pumpkin. He looks so content and secure I respectfully use the sink downstairs.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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