Thursday July 17 2014

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (13)[i]

Waking up around noon.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Almond Milk.

Ana busies herself in the kitchen baking a cake from scratch for Will's birthday party tonight.

I get some things from the grocery store.

Banana. Scrambled Eggs. Wheat Toast with Vegan Cream Cheese. Leftover Slaw. Strawberry Kombucha.

The kitchen is quite crowded today – Ana's still working on the birthday cake, Darren and Devon are cooking, and Josh is cooking.

Salsa Tortilla Chips. Runa Guayusa Energy Tea.

Eventually, I end up at the Rec Center. Playing adult basketball. Fortunately, I don't get wait listed. But my game play is disappointing to say the least. I think I only scored two shots in all five of my games. The problem is when I'm hooked up with guys that can handle the ball and lead the scoring the pressure gets passed on to me. I play better when the team is balanced. Plus, a couple of my teammates are simply hotheaded and too serious. Either way I get a good workout.

Back home. The birthday patrons pile in one by one. Ana and I chow down on Cranberry Beans and Bok Choy. Vincent appropriately titles our meal Bok n Beans. Fashionably late, Will shows up with a keg and a bunch of Lumpia. Music performances are given by Little Pants, Ana and I, Ken, and The Nerdlucks. You'd think this was a Show N Tell but it's a little softer than that. Ana's Double Chocolate Almond Strawberry Cake turns out to be a hit.

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (1)

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (2)

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (7)

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (10)

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (11)

Willapalooza 2014 (July 17) (12)

Someone gets the bright idea to do keg stands until the last drop. Even Ana gives it a go but not I, cause I'm "a bitch" according to Kevin.

"College rules!"

My stomach is not happy with me – the same story goes for Ana. We lie down in the bed retreating from the social stimuli – recapping the night's events.

Sleep at some point.

[i] Images by me.

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