Saturday July 5 2014

Fireworks Finale (July 5 2014)[i]

Waking up around 10:45 a.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Almonds and Vanilla Almond Milk.

All day shift at China Wok.


I open up a broken fortune cookie that says...

Today's Fortune (July 5 2014)

Delivering an order to some condos on 40th and Atlantic. The lady at the front desk recognizes me as I've delivered here many times before to Frank, the senile old man on the 5th floor. She instructs me to re-park my car in a different spot so I don't block the parking garage door. No big deal. When I'm heading back inside a man waits for me to go through the sliding glass doors.

Out of nowhere he asks, "You're not Jewish are ya?"

Me: "No."

Man: "Will you walk through that door for me?"

I step through the sliding glass doors and he follows behind. We hop on the elevator together. I notice he's purposefully avoiding any contact with the doors and the buttons. I push the correct floor for him.

He explains himself, "Sorry. I don't push buttons. I don't flick light switches. I know it's out there."

Me: "That's alright. Glad to help."

I guess this guy has an OCD thing. But why would he ask if I was Jewish?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Baked Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Having to work in the part of Virginia Beach that is a tourism hotbed. I get into some sticky traffic situations down at the oceanfront, especially on holidays. But no matter what happens I always find a way around it using my determination and wits. Today I had to do a couple deliveries by foot. I parked at the Rite Aid on 17th and simply walked the Chinese food up a couple blocks. It was either that or sitting stupidly in my car in standstill traffic on Pacific and Atlantic. Running through alleyways and trotting past crowds of people all anticipating the fireworks to come later. They didn't happen last night so the city rescheduled them for tonight at 9:30. July 5th is the new July 4th. The south end is about to become a nightmarish scene of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Banana. Strawberry Greek Yogurt.

What the Girls are Reading (July 5 2014)

The tips are nothing to rave about. In fact they're dull. Even after going the extra mile, sometimes literally, I'm generally left un-rewarded.

Delivering to the Best Western near 28th and Atlantic. The fireworks are in the process of booming and cracking the sky. The customer is watching the fireworks on the boardwalk with their whole family. I locate them and am fortunate enough to catch the finale. After I make the exchange swarms of people start marching away from the beach towards their cars. I attempt to maneuver around them. When waiting to make a left a couple pedestrians start walking straight through the intersection causing me to halt suddenly. I throw up my hand in protest and make a suggestion, "The crosswalk, man!"

One of the dudes looks at me like I'm crazy, shakes his head, and responds, "Don't be a dick."

Me: "I'm not. I'm just sayin', get on the crosswalk!"


After delivering the last order of the night I arrive back at the restaurant to find Ana waiting in her car. She only wanted a quick hug. We both seem to have had full busy days.


Mongolian Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and Rice.

Watching Doin' It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, New York City (2012).

Relaxing. Reading. Remembering.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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