Wednesday March 26 2014

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (30)[i]

Waking up bright and early at 9:40 a.m. Onward to Blacksburg in the wagon – I'm at the wheel, Ana by my side in the passenger seat, Will and James in the backseat.

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (2)

Coffee with Coconut Creamer. Grapefruit and Clementines. Chocolate Honey Peanut Butter Almond Granola Bars.

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (6)

While James snoozes I engage with Will in a discussion on various topics such as the future of civilization, the digital age's effect on spiritually and the changing of values and culture, numerology, etc. 

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (8)

Snacking on Baked Salt n Vinegar Chips and more of those Granola Bars.

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (7)

On I-64, loop around Richmond, to I-81, and deep in the southwestern mountains of VA – the snow covers the surface of the hilly farmhouse landscapes. This is sort of my first road trip with Ana. She's got her paid week's vacation and I'm certain she's enjoying the liberating feeling of getting out of town, as am I. I have fond memories from days of yore in Blacksburg, from all the Tokyo tours – playing basement and house shows with our fellow musicians in The House Floor. It seems like such a long time ago...and it was. 

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (4)

We link up with Becca once we arrive in downtown. She's watching over two little Chihuahuas. This grabs Ana's attention right off the bat.

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Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (11)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (17)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (18)

We check out some of the thrift stores from the last time we were here. Gathering all the interesting items, some functional and some not so functional. At one of the thrift shops while each of us are checking out another man in his 40's is also waiting and seems to get impatient while the lady bags some items. He storms off and mutters to himself, but just enough for us to hear, "This is ridiculous...these faggot ass bitches..." It was kind of hard to catch but Will and I definitely heard it. What he said was completely uncalled for but I didn't take too much offense. It just didn't make any sense. He was only two people behind in line. Will describes the reason for his behavior, "He probably led a mentally frustrating life of ignorance."

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (40)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (41)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (42)

We pick up Tim from the cathouse – he's the manager of a coffee shop in Christiansburg and a friend of Becca's. I like to call it the cathouse because of the three cats that roam about, not to mention the porch cats that live out in the street. We all caravan to Café Mekong, a Viet-Thai restaurant – Tim, Becca, Kai, James, Will, Ana, and I.

Sharing Shrimp Pad Thai, Chinese Broccoli, and Green Tea with Ana.

We got invited to TOTS (which stands for top of the stairs), a comedy club down the street. Some black comedian made known on BET somehow is performing a standup act. Sipping on a Shock Top. Ana enjoys her fruity Bahama Mama mixed drink.

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (21)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (22)

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Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (25)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (26)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (31)

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (33)

Then to the London Underground for foosball and more drinks. I spot Pete, the drummer of The House Floor, there. We probably haven't seen each other in many years since he moved to Brooklyn with the band. Now he's back here, the band broken up and with scattered lives across the country.

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (38)

Settling into the humble old house where Tim resides. Ana and I cuddle under the thick comforters we brought and sift through all the photos that were taken today, determining which ones to delete and touching up a few. The cats provide plenty of entertainment and don't hesitate to lie down at the foot of the pullout bed.

Blacksburg-cation (March 2013) (45)

[i] Images by me, Becca, or Ana.

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