Monday March 31 2014

Movie Mondays (Eyes Wide Shut) (Mar 31 2014)[i]

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Anthony is visiting the house. There he is standing in the hallway. I hand him a pot of quinoa flakes that I plan on cooking in a minute. Almost immediately he spills them all over the floor on purpose. I get mad and start yelling at him.

Me: "Really?! Really, Anthony? This is the first thing you do when you visit us here is make a mess? Those are my quinoa flakes!"

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Waking up at 1:34 p.m.

Wheat Flakes and Berry Cobbler Granola with Almond Milk.

Dropping my car off at the shop to install new tires.

The sun's out today but the wind still has a chill to it.

Egg Drop Broth with Sourdough Bread and Popped Potato Chips. Orange. Granola Bar.

Ana shows up and we go to the gym together.

Movie Monday presents: Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Present are Ken, Darren, Andre, Leisa, Jessica, Leah, and Will. Everybody is supposed to dress up in his or her own lingerie or sexy attire and a mask, which relates to the theme of the movie when the elitists conduct the strange rituals with a cloak and mask. While Ana bakes up a batch of Chocolate Cupcakes I put together a makeshift dinner: Kale Salad with Cranberries, Tomatoes, Carrots, Black Beans, and Sourdough Bread.

That Ass and Those Abs (Mar 31 2014) (2)

That Ass and Those Abs (Mar 31 2014) (1)

Ana's Chocolate Cupcakes (Mar 31 2014)

We all knew the extent of what we were getting ourselves into with a borderline 3-hour film. Ana runs upstairs to take her own intermission. I follow behind to inquire about her attitude – something's seems amiss like maybe I said something or did something that offended her. I can't figure it out and she won't put it in plain words right away. She brings up the fact that we don't have sex as often as desired. I enjoy our sex – it seems to happen at least once a week or so. Maybe it's just my age but that's enough for me. But it's not like I'm opposed to making it happen more. Just talking about it like this puts pressure on the both of us and then the joy and fun of seducing each other loses it's appeal – it's like an automatic quit button and it frustrates me that she keeps pressing it. She realizes she's been complaining a lot. Softening her up has become a task for me as of late. I remembered I bought her a pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, her favorite. I pull it out of a drawer and say, "I know how to get you out of this mood..." and then hand it to her. She smiles real big. They say chocolate is the way to a woman's heart. I think they're right. We delight in a few pieces and head back down to catch the ending of the film. 

Eyes Wide Shut Screenshot (Mar 31 2014)

After taking care of Will's upset alcohol stomach with some ginger tea Ana and I resign upstairs in the bed. We get deep into bed talk about confidence and assertiveness and various personal topics. She lightly rubs my bare chest. I love this feeling – it relaxes me.

[i] Images taken by Ana, Leisa, and Josh.

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