Friday March 7 2014

Bicicleta Sem Freio.[i]

☼ ○ ▬

At a relative's house, I go to explore the backyard where there's this beautiful garden. Behind a fence I discover a lizard-frog hybrid about the size of a football with long dangly legs. He croaks at me with hostility. For some reason he doesn't like me out here. He hops after me but I'm able to elevate myself above the ground away from harm. I gain so much altitude that I land in a neighbor's yard.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 2 p.m.

Hot Cinnamon Oat Bran with Almond Meal, Brown Sugar, and Blueberries.

At Target buying a new shower curtain, basketball shorts, slippers, and a cereal container.

Vegetarian Pizza. Black Tea with Honey.

Watching World's Greatest Dad (2009).

Now that I'm officially recovered from illness I head over to the neighborhood gym for a decent workout – the sauna – running – a few ab/core exercises.

I arrive home and Ana's arrived before me. Soon after we're locked in the bedroom with the lights dimmed. It's imperative that we have sex. I've got a lot of making up to do since I was sick this past week and opportunities were lost. Now my blood is flowing at a healthy revitalized pace. I have strength. I have power...the power to woo her...the power to pleasure her.


Downstairs, we try out this new recipe we found for a no-bake granola bar with only five ingredients: dates, peanut butter, honey, oats, and almonds. We throw in some chocolate chips and vanilla. They turn out splendidly.


I put on an old iTunes playlist and "On Your Way" an Album Leaf song comes on. I recall a fond memory to Ana that I always associate with this song.

"I was on the first tour with Mae – a big tour bus. They had this room in the very back of the bus where you could turn up the music really loud and it wouldn't bother anybody sleeping in the bunks. I remember sitting back there alone. It was really late. I hadn't gone to sleep yet and the sun was coming up. This song came on and I remember looking out the window out on farmland – who knows where we were – and it was just a great moment, a beautiful moment."


Sharing Barbecue Garlic Salmon with Rice and a Mixed Greens Salad with Strawberries and Carrots.

Juicing with Ana (Mar 7 2014)[ii]

Josh gives me a dumpster diving heads up. They just had to throw out $800 worth of food about to expire at Trader Joe's. So Ana and I drive over there. It seems the word got out to somebody else because we find two dudes with a minivan sifting through boxes of product. They look like descendants of Kenneth, both of them wearing jump suits and headlamps. We join in and help organize the finds. There's at least ten boxes lined up on the curb full of bread loaves, apples, oranges, bananas, basil, tomatoes, eggs, etc.


Meanwhile, another heads up from Josh via text...

"I hear the goons giggling uncontrollably, I think they broke into your room. No rush back, but you'd think Kevin would know the meaning of the word 'retribution'. 'Cover your tracks dude, now!' I hear. Pretend you don't know. Serve justice swiftly."

While we were dumpster diving free food for the house, Kevin and Richie start up an ongoing prank game of sabotaging each other's rooms. Somehow Richie found a way to break into my room (my guess is with a butter knife) – they moved a few things around, turned objects upside down, relocated things to unconventional places, but more severe they hacked my Facebook account changing my profile picture to an image of some obscene near-naked pot-bellied man and submitted a status update that I didn't even bother reading. Of course, there's a number of "likes" from Facebook friends – I hope they got the joke. I immediately delete the internet mischief. This is a blatant violation of my privacy. But I'm not too mad. I clean it up. Before Kevin finds out that I already discovered the prank I dart into his room and conduct my own sabotage by flipping over his mattress, stealing a few beers, and hiding his only light bulb. Eventually, we call a truce with an official handshake.

Earlier, I heard Kevin and Richie drunkenly cooking eggs. Now that everyone's gone to sleep I figure I should inspect the kitchen, put away dishes, etc. Of course, there's an egg mess everywhere – egg shells cracked all over the counter – bowls of scrambled eggs left out with a baguette of soggy french bread soaking in water on the stove – vandalized pictures by Richie using red paint. And of course, those pesky little roach critters are crawling around the food debris. I clean up in disappointment.

Sleep at 4ish a.m.

[i] Bicicleta Sem Freio. 
[ii] Image by Kevin Moore.

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