Tuesday February 25 2014

The Last Days on Mars still.[i]

Waking up at 1:58 p.m.

Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk. Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Orange Juice.


Leftover Noodle Soup with Tomatoes and an Egg. Naan Bread. Strawberries. Honey Black Tea.

At the Rec Center for adult basketball. It seems like I'm gaining a somewhat impressive reputation now. After knocking in a few buckets from the baseline I can hear the other players sitting off to the side comment, "Oh he'll make those every time." It's not true but it's nice to know people have an expectation of my game play now.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza with Mushrooms and Orange Peppers. Kale and Lentils.

Watching The Last Days on Mars (2013).

Dutched Cocoa Cookies. Coffee.

General business and catching up on emails.

All hopped up on caffeine – it's really got me going strong.

Troubleshooting various minor problems.

Sleep at 5 a.m.

[i] The Last Days on Mars still.

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