Thursday February 20 2014

Sticky Situation - Tyrone Brunson[i]

Waking up sorely at 1 p.m. Ana is already awake sitting over in the corner charging her phone's battery, which has these colorful LED lights flickering on it.

I joke, "I see you're having a rager over there..."

Sharing bowls of cereal: Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk. Navel Orange.

Darren and Devon meet us here. The four of us go thrifting. First, Thrift Store USA in Norfolk – a phenomenal collection – I can't resist purchasing a few old copies of history books. Then, the DAV off VB Blvd. Around the corner we grab sushi at Sakura on Newtown Road. Vegetable Tempura. Spicy Salmon Roll. Avocado Cucumber Roll. Green Tea.

Back home at the house Ana and I split ways for the time being. Her and Jessica go to The Escape while I hit up the Rec Center for adult basketball – getting a good cardio workout and trying my best to gain respect from my baller peers.

Back home. Banana. Sharing Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter Toast with Ana. We attempt to try this saké someone left behind at a party here and which has been collecting dust in my room but it tastes like straight rubbing alcohol – we can't handle it.


I put on a soul-funk record we found at the thrift store: "Sticky Situation" (circa 1982) – Tyrone Brunson. We dance on the linoleum. I notice an extra glow on Ana – something about her makes her extra attractive looking tonight – I'm bewitched.


Upstairs, we close and lock the bedroom door – turning down the lighting – face to face – bosom to bosom – lips to lips – progressing into something exceptionally stimulating – a beautiful sexy union. Afterwards, it got a little messy, not on my part cause I wrapped it but on hers; the new birth control has caused Aunt Flow to overstay her welcome. We rinse off in the shower. Earlier I brought the fern in for a watering and left it to hang. It's a picturesque moment of her naked body showering next to it.

Ana and the Goose Fern (Feb 20 2014)[ii]

Sharing Coffee, Popcorn, and Strawberries.

Watching The Boys Next Door (1985).

The Boys Next Door (Feb 20 2014)

Ana drifts off to sleep while I catch up with stuff on the computer.

[i] Sticky Situation album cover.

[ii] Images by me.

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