Friday February 21 2014

Tereza Vlčková.[i]

Waking up sometime between 1 and 2 p.m.

Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk. Grapefruit.

Ana texts me some thoughts on last night...
"Every time we have sex it feels like you and I are releasing any of our stresses and expressing our feelings for each other. I do feel that we are actually making love when we have sex, and that's something that I consider very special to me. really had me under your little spell when you were telling me how I glowed."

General business.

Doing my second visit to the chiropractor – more adjusting and cracking of my neck then sitting with heated electrical stimulation for ten minutes. I'm noticing a big difference.

Picking up some things from the store.

Work at China Wok for a few hours – making easy money.

Back home. Repotting some of my plants, including a Chinese Evergreen I got today. Ana stops by briefly to offer some of her leftover Pho noodles.

For dinner: Cod Fillet with leftover Rice and Vegetable Medley. Garlic Naan Bread.

Watching The Hurricane (1999).

Josh stumbles into the house drunkenly after attending an Iron & Wine concert. He blasts some Bob Dylan on the stereo while I clean the dishes.

Sleep at some point.

[i] Tereza Vlčková.

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