Friday February 7 2014


Waking up around 12:30 p.m.

Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk.


Naan Bread with Hummus. Blue Tortilla Chips with Salsa. Kale and Carrots. Blood Orange Soda.

Elliott picks me up and we enjoy an evening at The Rec Center. Ping Pong. 2-Square. Basketball. Afterwards, we get a few slices of Pizza at Brother's.

Elliott is Creepy (Feb 7 2014)[ii]

Somebody Let This Psycho Out (Feb 7 2014)

Catching up on writing.

Richie and company are here, and by company I mean Mike Fry and some random guy who keeps moping around and complaining about wanting to go home. I make it known my distaste for anything obnoxious to be going on. They put John Belushi clips on the tube. Every time I walk down the stairs past the living room I say aggressive things like, "I won't hesitate to kick your ass, Richie, if you get out of hand." He's drunk but manageable. When the troupe leaves I come across Richie's scruffy beard on my face when he leans in for a hug.

Black Beans with Honey, Garlic, and Onions. Mushroom Mochi. Sesame Seed Bagel.

Watching The Counselor (2013).

Belgian Ale.

Sleep 4 a.m. 

[i] The Counselor screenshot.

[ii] Images by me.

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