Thursday February 6 2014

Lady with Blonde Hair. Hajime Sorayama.[i]

☼ ○ ▬

With a friend visiting Jessa in jail. This doesn't seem to be a conventional jail though. They've got her locked inside a photo booth of some sort. I stand around trying to figure out what she's doing inside. And then she opens a crack big enough for her to slip through. Now it's understood I'm supposed to help get her out of here. I'm worried because I signed in—they'll notice Jessa missing from her booth and hold me responsible. This wasn't the plan to begin with but I can't abandon her now. We start walking through the main hall where the other visitors are. A few jail officers walk by and don't even recognize Jessa, which is surprising because she's not wearing anything to cover her face or anything. The whole situation feels tense. We walk out the front door successfully. But just as I step outside a few officers grab me by the arm and ask if I know where Jessa is. She's already driving off in a 4x4. But I don't tell them that. I don't tell them anything.

"Can we trust you?" one of them asks.

I nod my head, "Yeah. Yeah. You can trust me."

I take off through the parking lot. Somehow I don't think they do trust me. I keep running around street corners hoping to find a taxi or something. It's a big city and I have no idea where I am.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 12:36 p.m.

Ana's a little disappointed because she left the charger for her new phone at home and none of my chargers are working. Also, she's a little grumpy from the antibiotics she's been taking – they screw up hormones I suppose. She apologizes for acting like this.

Honey Bunches of Oats with Granola and Almond Milk. Grapefruit.

Ana leaves for a doctor's appointment.


Coffee with Honey and Soy Creamer.

Naan Bread with Hummus. Nuts and Raisins. Potato Chips. Icelandic Milk Chocolate.

At the Rec Center for adult basketball. The first few games go smoothly. I feel like I have something to show – scoring a few 3's and handling the defense nobly.


Back home. Showering with Ana.

Me: "I like how you're afraid to take a shower in my house because you think you're going to fall through the ceiling but you don't have a problem taking a shower with the both of us in here. I guess you just feel safer with me."

Preparing dinner. Sharing leftover Pad Thai Noodles with Tuna Steak and a hefty Salad. Kevin comes home from work and tells us a story about a skinny black woman that made a pass at him today. She asked, "So why aren't you dating anyone?"

Kevin replies, "That's a good question."

In my bedroom, just like last night, Ana and I rehearse and polish up our rendition of "You Are My Sunshine". It's difficult for her to get comfortable singing particular harmonies. I try as best I can to help train her voice.

I brew up some Coffee and we share cups with Icelandic Milk Chocolate. Finishing the second half of Walk the Line (2005). Afterwards, I look up some of the real live performances by Johnny Cash and June Carter on Youtube.

Ana is attempting to set an alarm on her fairly new phone.

Ana: "Will you help me set an alarm?"

I look over seductively and say, "Make love to me and I'll help you."

She pounces up from her lying down position and presses her lips into mine. In the particular sexual moments to come I don't hesitate to make moves or waste any time. I'm eager. And I express that eagerness. There's a little bit of angst in our movement. Like earlier when guiding our musical direction I conduct the same symphony but in bodily communication. We both share sighs of relief in our minds when everything is over.

[i] Hajime Sorayama.

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