Wednesday June 19 2013

Kelly Thompson.[i]

Waking up just before 2 p.m.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Cream Cheese. Orange Juice.

Attempting to mark off things on my to-do list.


Lentil Wrap with Sprouts, Tomatoes, and Hummus. Potato Chip Trio. Honey Green Tea. Banana.

Watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993).

I get called into China Wok for one hour. Leaving with $25. Not complaining. Before I head home I shoot some hoops on the Lynnhaven Middle School courts, as was my plan yesterday.


Quick stop at Kroger for a few groceries. On my route there I get pulled over for disregarding a stop sign. Bummer. I wasn't even going to go to the grocery store and re-routed myself around Donna Blvd. Little did I know a cop was on watch by the stop sign at Donna and Village. I tried pulling the Hey I'm in a hurry on the clock at China Wok card but it doesn't work. The respectful officer says, "Well you can use me as an excuse for being late now." Ugh.

Tilapia with Mixed Vegetables and Rice. Miller High Life.

Watching Blue Like Jazz (2012).

I head to the storage unit to practice and polish up some piano songs. After an hour Ana shows up and we sing together some of the cover songs we've been practicing. Eventually we'll be comfortable enough to perform. After we wear out our vocal cords she reclines on the futon. I hop on top of her. She persistently turns and hides her face while I attempt to kiss her. At one point we accidentally knock heads. Laughing at the clumsiness of the moment.

Back at the house. It's past 2 a.m. and not a sound from anywhere, nobody stirring except us. She brought over supplies to bake Chocolate Cupcakes using coconut milk and apple cider vinegar. I prepare a moist peanut butter crumble of sorts to spread on top of them. They turn out splendid, just splendid.

Me: "Wow. These are amazing. There's a hotness to them, a strong chocolatey flavor."

To the sounds of the 1920's we delight in our baked prizes.

Upstairs in my room we settle down in the bed. In the middle of explaining something I interrupt and immediately start planting kisses on her mouth. And thus begins a much needed sex session. I love being inside and surrendering in these moments.


Afterwards she lies down near the wall.

Me: "I love watching your naked body amongst the bed sheets."

We cuddle and interlock our legs until we fall asleep.

[i] Kelly Thompson.

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