Friday June 28 2013

The Details Poster.[i]

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I'm lying back in the grass next to a swing set. This park in Emerald Point I've visited many times when I was kid. It doesn't feel like I'm dreaming. I'm the same age I would be in waking life. Sitting there listening to a girl talk to herself while she swings. I take note of every word she says and attempt to jot it down in my phone so I can quote it later in the blog.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up around 2 p.m.

Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese and Apple Butter. Orange Juice.

Cleaning up the back patio debris. Laron lends a hand.

Me: "You gotta do this every now and then."

Lentil Wrap with Tomatoes, Onions, and Hummus. French Fries. Honey Green Tea.

Kevin arrives home from work. He cleans up and hops into my car. I'm playing a Musicplayer show at The Iguana in Norfolk. Of course, Kevin will be assisting me with violin on that no-word song. It's not a heavy crowd whatsoever, maybe 10 or 15 people throughout the night. A teenager acoustic duo performs first, then Karen Estrella of Thanks, then me, then Saintseneca, a lively acoustic dreamy folk/pop band from Ohio.


Sharing with Ana the most delicious Veggie Burger I've ever had, with French Fries and a Bud Light.


Driving back to Virginia Beach while talking with Kevin about the pretension that comes naturally sometimes with lead singers.

Gathered at Rick's Café with Elliott, Ana, and Dylan Gilbert & band mates. They just played their own show at The Shaq. Sipping on Decaf and sharing Pancakes with Ana. Conversation and jokes abound over that protective cup baseball players have to wear. We start the "OlympRick's!" which consists of various table games like flipping the creamer cups or flicking the jelly cups into water glasses.

Back home.

Ana got me this old school calculator with a printing mechanism. I mentioned how I wanted one handy on my computer desk to calculate rent. She's the sweetest.

Cuddling in the bed with Ana and watching The Details (2011).

[i] The Details movie poster.

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