Tuesday June 18 2013

Black Shadow Rockabilly Gang.[i]

Waking up just before 2 p.m.

Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese. Orange Juice.

Errands: Mailing my step-dad a letter of gratitude. Thrift store visit with Elliott. Groceries.

At the house Kofi cooks up Portobello Mushroom Ravioli and Eggplant. I have a little plate with Honey Green Tea.

It's been cloudy all day and it starts to get misty in the air. Not having really played basketball I'm determined to go shoot. So I grab the ball and drive up to the courts by Mill Dam. As I approach the intersection of First Colonial and Old Donation the light turns yellow. Thinking I could make it in time I speed up and pass under the light as it flickers red. Just as I pull into the parking lot for the basketball courts I see a car pull up behind and park next to me. A man in his late 40's gets out and immediately reprimands me for the stunt I pulled running that red light. A little blindsided I first react with a passive apology and accept the fault. But he continues on this rant like he's my dad, "If you were my kid blah blah blah..." Then it becomes apparent that he's treating me like a juvenile, like I'm just some dumb teenager being reckless on the road. It turns sour real quick. I'm offended and use profanities back at him. He gets on the phone and calls the cops attempting to report a citizen's arrest or some nonsense.

Me: "This is fucking ridiculous. I'm outta here!"

After reciting my tags to the person on the phone he narrates, "Now he's taking off." and then yells out to me, "They're coming after you!"

Are you serious right now? Who does this guy think he is? I'm a reasonable guy but under those circumstances I wasn't about to be treated like a kid. I do know that if I stayed and continued to talk with him I might've presented a more apologetic attitude and we could've settled the matter civilly. But the fact that he decided to involve the cops over the issue just repulsed me. The courts were wet and I couldn't have played basketball anyway.

Back home.

Chores. Trimming beard and stache'.

Chicken Wrap with Mushrooms, Carrots, Kale, Bean Sprouts, and Hummus. Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie.

It's a bike gang night out with the boys. The rain's subsided leaving the air smelling fresh and crisp. Rolling 7 deep with Kofi, Kevin, Mike Fry, Richie, Skippy, and James. We lose Kofi somewhere along Birdneck Road. He's not used to the 20+ mile-an-hour pace. We continue as 6. Somewhere along the strip at the oceanfront Skippy's chain breaks loose. It's unfixable at the moment. Pit stop at Elliott's garage to switch it out for a beach cruiser. Onward we ride, zipping along the boardwalk, hyping up the atmosphere with playful heckles at the passerby's.


At the BP gas station I purchase some snacks: Crab Chips and Peanut Butter Crackers.

Finally the bike adventure is over and we all make it back home in one piece.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993).

Engaging in countless rounds of Unreal deathmatch and capture the flag.

[i] Black Shadow Rockabilly Gang.

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