Thursday June 6 2013

Chemistry. Process Recess. James Jean.[i]

☼ ○ ▬

Stuck in this obstacle course with Ana by my side. It's a maze in here. Climb over this. Crawl through that. Open this door. Strafe along that ledge. We get locked into a room that seems to grow in size by the minute. There's nothing really abnormal about it. Slowly I realize this room is connected to a college. The door we need to open appears to be locked. We're safe here at least. I present the idea of having sex since nobody can see us but upon further inspection I see the room opens up into a hallway of students walking to a fro. The scene changes when our prerogative is to hook up with our tour group. The door that was locked is now open. Passing by a meeting room filled with leftover cinnamon pastries, some with crumble toppings. I grab a friend and we snag what we can to bring with us on the bus. 

▬ ○ ☼

It's about 2:30 p.m. Ana and I are still cooped up in the bed like hibernating bears. It's time to wake up and embrace what part of the day we haven't wasted sleeping.

Downstairs sharing Bagels with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese and Fruit Spread, along with Orange Juice. Richie's here trying to attach an art piece of his to a frame.

Ana forgot to tell me something that she's super embarrassed about. She does this thing where she introduces a request or idea with a longwinded (but cute) announcement of how embarrassed she is. Well, she locked her keys in the car and the only spare key is at her house in Norfolk. And she has work in less than an hour. She was afraid to ask me for my help. Her reasoning is she knows I'm busy and normally have things to do during the day so she was worried about bothering me with her troubles. Of course I tell her it's no big deal and that I can drive all the way to Norfolk to retrieve the key. But first I try my hand at using the old coat hanger trick to unlock her car door. It proves futile because the design of her locks are made in such a way that a thin object such as a coat hanger could never grip it.

Me: "Well, it was worth a shot. Let's go."

Driving to Norfolk and back.

Turns out she doesn't have to go into work so we continue to hang out. A couch surfer from Kansas shows up named Melodie. She just quit her nursing job and decided to travel around the country. I make us all Lentil Wraps with Tomatoes and Hummus.

While meddling on the guitar Ana and I get inspired to practice a few songs together. She's musically inclined and has a wonderful voice, something I really admire. Practicing The Everly Brothers, "All I Have to Do is Dream" and The White Stripes, "Fell in Love with a Girl".

Later, we hop on bikes and ride over to the Lynnhaven Middle School track field. She seems to have trouble mounting herself on a bike but once she gets on she's fine. It's a beautiful summer night, a perfect temperature and with a constant cool breeze in our faces. We do continuous laps around the track.


Taking a break in the bleachers. Chomping on an Apple and sipping on Lemon Water. It's dark with only the glow of the nearby streetlights and building lights from the middle school. Everything about this beginning relationship is problem-free, so far at least. There's a calmness and care-freeness to us.

I notice how I might've been a little bossy when playing those songs together and also when instructing her on how to be comfortable on the bike.

Me: "Sorry if I seem impatient with you sometime."

She insists that I'm not at all and that it's only a positive push, something she likes her friends to do and really needs if she's going to accomplish anything.

Back home. We hug each other goodbye.

Me: "Well I'm glad we got to hang out all day. That was fun."

Ana: "Me too."

Inside the house Kevin, Kofi, Richie, and a few other people are drinking and playing beer pong.

Barbecue Tilapia with Green Peppers, Onions, Cucumbers, and Rice.

Watching Wasted on the Young (2010).

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk.

Playing a few games of Unreal Tournament.

Sleep 5:30 a.m.

[i] Chemistry. Process Recess. James Jean.

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