Thursday April 18 2013

SHOW N TELL at Bean There (April 18 2013)[i]

Waking up around 1:20 p.m.

Baked Cinnamon Brown Sugar Grapefruit. Half of a Peanut Butter Bagel. Honey White Green Tea.

Practicing songs at the storage unit.

Egg Wrap with Imitation Cream Cheese and Tomatoes. Goldfish Crackers. Tea.

Watching Woody Allen: A Documentary (2012).

Show N Tell tonight at Bean There Coffee off Laskin Road. This is the first time we’ve held it anywhere other than 1623 or 1435. It’s a decent turnout and provides a more collected organized atmosphere. A lot of new faces and Show N Tell virgins show up.

Here’s a list of the performances (some words by Bob Vincent):
#1 -- Fred told an epic tale of an Orc.
#2 -- “Ode to the Modern Quill,” etc. by Kevin Moore.
#3 -- Valentine's Poem by N/A
#4 -- Bob Vincent presents the “Traveling Throne Salesman”:
#5 -- Semi-rap by a dude in a long beard.
#6 -- Rap by Cuda Brown.
#7 -- Rap by Cosmo.
#8 -- Rap by Dyslexia.
#9 -- Devon: Blue style guitar music, “Devon Don't Ya Want To Go”.
#10 -- Limo Bob, an older guy with many stories to tell. Bass performance and LOTS of talking about the old days of his younger years on Staten Island and the people he knew that became “somebodies” later on. Talks about The Beatles, wild tour memories of his travels with Kiss, etc. This guy played bass on that popular song in the 60’s, “Wooly Bully”. He falls off the stool while playing a Jimi Hendrix song and after he finishes falling announces comically, “You see that? And I’m still holding the guitar.”
#11 – Keegan Vo: More guitar music. Good strong voice.
#12 -- Tyler Davis performing with the melodica
#13 -- Wolf Dancer playing bass guitar...sometimes on one foot.

SHOW N TELL at Bean There (April 18 2013)

SHOW N TELL at Bean There (April 18 2013)

SHOW N TELL at Bean There (April 18 2013)

SHOW N TELL at Bean There (April 18 2013)

SHOW N TELL at Bean There (April 18 2013)

Back at the house we throw an after party. Anthony takes on the role of facilitating and directing the energies of the group. He leads the guests in sing-a-longs in the dining room. Then, a viewing of Kevin’s infamous short film he made when he was fifteen years old, which has achieved cult status in our social circle. He gives a mock Q&A after it’s over.

After Party at 1435 (April 18 2013)

The Lone Survivor at 1435 (April 18 2013)

Q&A with director Kevin Moore (April 18 2013)

Spaghetti Dinner with a Salad (via James). Alenka Chocolates.

Later the kids arrive home from Rick’s. In the living room with Kevin, James, Dan, and Laron. Kevin recants fighting stories from when he was eight years old and shows us martial arts moves. He’s had a lot of drinks and tends to become overly fierce. Even though he’s dead serious we’re all continually laughing at his antics.

Sleep 4 a.m.  

[i] All images by me.

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