Saturday April 20 2013

Kings (April 20 2013)[i]

Just before 1 p.m. I wake up.

Baked Cinnamon Brown Sugar Grapefruit. Honey Black Tea.

Fun conversations with Aysena via Skype.

Aysena Skype (April 20 2013)

Egg Wrap with Tomatoes and Imitation Cream Cheese. Goldfish Crackers. Lemon Water.

Watching Trees Lounge (1996).

I’ve got a Musicplayer show booked at The Wesley House in Norfolk, right across the street from ODU. In contact with Ana Khrizzia, whom I know through mutual friends. I scoop her up from her house and she becomes my sidekick for the evening. It’s interesting because we’ve never really hung out before. But she’s always going to events and such so I thought I’d invite her and get to know her a little bit.


At The Wesley House. It’s just a house run by Christians. I’ve seen events on Facebook for this place but have never been here before. It’s a spacious room with a decent sound system. It’s not a packed show whatsoever, basically the only people here are members from the other bands, the volunteers, and a few other heads. I play a small acoustic set for about 13 people. Other bands play before and after me. Chatting with Ana and some acquaintances in a living room.

The Wesley House (April 20 2013)

Afterwards, I park in front of Mama Jo’s off Colley Avenue and order a 14” Cheese Pizza with Peppers (both red and green). We wait in the car. Our conversation has a calm flow to it, no highs or lows, just fluid relations. It’s easy to talk with her. I eat most of the Pizza but she eats a few slices too. Washing it down with a Sierra Mist.


Then, I drive us to her friend’s house on 38th. It’s someone’s birthday, a small gathering of nobody I know. Two decks of cards spread out on the carpet – a forever game of Kings endures.

Back home.

Sleep at some point.

[i] All images by me.

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