Thursday December 27 2012


Waking up at noon.

Oranges. Cinnamon Brown Sugar Oatmeal Square. Hot Green Tea with Honey.

I’m still here in North Carolina at my dad’s place. We all drive out to my great uncle JW’s farm in Greenville. I haven’t seen him in years and years, not since I was a little boy. I’ve got a few memories of this place.

He pulls out a bunch of old textbooks and children’s books ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s. My dad and I discover red lips splotched on the introduction page of an arithmetic book. Underneath it says, “a friend.”

My dad pokes fun at JW, “You recognize the lips?”

JW: “No.”


Patty: “Maybe girlfriend.”

JW: “I had so many when I was coming along I can’t remember. All the girls loved me.”

Patty: “What happen wit ya girlfriend?”

JW: “I run them at a time.”

JW gives us the tour of the farm. Inside the big barn that’s now renovated into a car garage.

JW: “This used to be dirt in here. This is where we would bring the wagon cart in and bring the corn and put it in the barn.”

Across the field sits a small graveyard. JW describes a ghost occurrence: “There’s a house right over here...across the field. And in front of it, down close to the highway, there’s a graveyard. And they [neighbors] swear that they see lights, ball of like a moon of light, leave that graveyard and go to that one and disappear. And they also say that they see it go out of that graveyard and go to that one.”

My dad chuckles and says, “Make you wanna come out here and sleep one night and check it out.”


Hanging out in the kitchen and cracking open freshly fallen Pecans from the tree. JW concocts a homemade cocktail sauce. I warm up one of the Tamales to eat with it. JW educates us on some not-so-well known information.

JW: “You know the American Indian lived on corn and potatoes. That’s how in Europe they didn’t have it. They didn’t have corn or potatoes. And did not have tomatoes. They talk about Italian sauce like it was created in Italy. The damn tomatoes were found here! Now I know that from reading the history books.”


JW: “We have let things get so far out of hand it’s ridiculous. It’s a joke and nobody can laugh at it. It’s a damn shame. In 1950, a person that made $50 a week could make payment on his house, could buy a car, raise three children, $50 a damn hour now is what it almost takes.”

He continues his rant on moon conspiracies and the crookedness of our government officials. I never knew I had such an enlightened great-uncle.

JW: “See, the government thinks if a man is working with the government he has no reason to lie so therefore you s’posed to believe him regardless how ridiculous it sounds. That’s the truth.”

Dad: “Boy our government’s a joke. Both parties to me are a disgrace.”

JW: “All of em’ a disgrace. They need to be replaced.”

Dad: “I guess all these other countries laughin’ at us.”

JW: “Yeah. We’re a joke!”

Dad: “Look at them stupid Americans.

JW: “And I tell ya something else, Wayne. You can betcha last dollar if you live another twenty years you gon’ find out that J. Edgar Hoover had the mafia to kill John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and...what’s the black guy’s name?”

Dad: “Martin Luther King.”

JW: “Had him killed. All of em’. Hoover was so uptight cause Robert had more goin’ than the president did and he was cuttin’ that man’s power and he didn’t like Robert. And Johnson was a crooked man. You couldn’t trust him. He knew that Kennedy was gon’ be killed! And he was in place at that given time. And then Hoover hated black people. Okay? So he had King killed. You can believe that’s the way all that happened. I’ll believe it and I always will believe it. And the day that Kennedy got killed I came from fishin’. I came ashore wavin’ in myself. And they said that Kenney had been shot and killed and Johnson’s on the plan taking the oath – the sonuvabitch was waitin’ to get on the plane to do it. I knew right then what had happened.”

Dad: “Yeah. It was a conspiracy.”

JW: “But I see a lot of damn things that’s wrong. When you sit down and things don’t look right, if you investigate you’re gonna find out why they don’t look right...because they aren’t right. I’ll tell ya this. The more that you try to do right and be right the more your government will not like you.”

My dad turns to us with a grin and says, “You come out here and get educated. Well children, let’s go.”

I say my goodbyes and give my hugs. It was a pleasant little Carolinian vacation. I drive off down the road up highway 13. Catching up with my mom on the phone.

Back home in Virginia Beach.

Snacking on Cinnamon Peanut Butter Crumpets and Milk.

Cleaning up and getting some chores done.

Garlic, Lentil, Mushroom, and Carrot Soup for dinner.

Watching Murder By Proxy: How America Went Postal (2010).

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] All images by me.

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