Wednesday January 5 2011

DREAM: Sitting in a classroom—Ben Kingsley, the actor, is the teacher. There’s a medium sized cabinet mounted on the chalkboard. He opens up the doors—something blue is painted on the inside—it’s a big word that he’s shortened into a phrase. Walking down the hallway with Kingsley. The environment transforms into an open path in the woods. “This isn’t what you wanted to do is it?” he asks me. We turn the corner—a lake—some houses are nearby—it’s a small country neighborhood. Kingsley is someone else now—a female. We’re about to make love but we notice some kids playing, so we stop. Continuing our walk by the shore of the lake. I observe a teenage couple undressing themselves in preparation to make love. They don’t seem to mind the presence of other people. A lady hollers to me out of her house window and requests that I get a bag of ice for her. It’s understood that I have to leave this place soon and travel out of town, but I commit to get the ice for her anyway. Walking back to where I came from. I enter a small building. A little girl who had warmed up to me while I was visiting this place says to me, “You don’t have to leave you know.” I respond, “I know. I’m not so concerned about that.” There seemed to be something wrong with the whole scenario, like as if I needed to stay a little longer in order to investigate a problem. Someone among the people living here is causing dissension.

4:40ish p.m. I wake up.

100% Pure Florida Orange Juice for breakfast along with Zinc and Vitamin D.

Musicplayer rehearsal at the storage unit.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Oolong Tea.

Watching some of Casino [1995]—Chris is standing by me as I eat my food.

Show at Winston’s Café: Musicplayer alongside Goodwill Falcon, Rugby, and Aloud—a superb line-up—superb performances—superb music. Aloud: reminiscent of New Pornographers—strong melodic vocals. Rugby: Two-piece piano and drum duo—experimental pop—if Ben Folds and Shapiro had a schizophrenic cousin, Rugby would be it. Goodwill Falcon: Two-piece synth and guitar duo with drum sequences—Casio keyboard is their main ingredient—Joy Electric and Postal Service come to mind.

Talking to a dude whose friends with Goodwill Falcon. He’s giving me his feedback on Musicplayer’s set and pointing out how the songs are catchy and full of hooks, “The hooks, man. You can’t fight it.” “I know. No one should be ashamed of it.”

Dinner: Black Beans and Rice with Mixed Vegetables. Carrots. Garlic Naan Bread.

Working the newspaper route.

Coffee and donuts…this is becoming a routine eating habit. Now I understand why cops love coffee and donuts.

Not feeling very satisfied with the money I’m making from this job. My calculations aren’t showing much more than a minimum wage job.

Stuck in 7am morning traffic trying to get home—this is so frustrating. This job is not worth my time! I’ll give it a week or two, but if profit doesn’t start rolling in, then I’m out.

Sleep 9 a.m.

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tristan said...

i would like to have been at the show, but i thought it was last wednesday.