Monday January 3 2011

DREAM: Shopping inside some thrift store—picking up a VHS tape entitled Daryea and the M—. The colors and design are smothered in a floral blue and purple with an image of a girl (named Daryea) displaying a naïve expression on her face. On the back of the tape is a description of the movie: “5 young girls go to Hollywood and become movie stars for a day,” or something like that. A one-liner review at the top exclaims this movie is “Paus666ingly!”

Around 4:30 p.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Red Navel Oranges.

Going through old photos I’ve taken and selecting the best ones to pitch to a greeting card company.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Oolong Tea.

Finishing Deliver Us from Evil [2006].

Trader Joes and Dollar Tree.

Eating a Yogurt Granola Bar.

Organizing video footage.

Researching and troubleshooting how to upload the highest quality videos to Youtube.

Stretching. Crunches.

Dinner: Black Beans and Rice with Peppers and Onions. Baby Broccoli. Garlic Naan Bread.

Sitting on the couch with Margot eating dinner—Dustin has Arrested Development playing on his laptop—Brendan is strumming softly on the guitar.

Working the newspaper route.

Drinking Coffee and eating two Cinnamon Streusel Muffins.

Eating Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Peanut Butter.

Taking my car to an auto shop nearby—leaving it there for an estimate.

Sleep 8:40 a.m.


tristan said...

for high quality video, i suggest vimeo. you can upload larger videos and they can be longer as well. and the quality tends to come out much better. here's one that i like

tristan said...

also, its an anagram. and thats always cool, right?