Tuesday January 25 2011

DREAM: I’ve been assigned to steal money out of a stranger’s car. Using Margot’s car—driving through an intricate maze of dark tunnels. Finally coming out the other end to a parking lot. There’s the hit mark. The stranger’s passenger side door has already been opened for me. I step in and quickly feel around for any money. Everything is so dark—can barely see anything. My hands stumble upon a heavy tray of coins. I snag it and grab anything else I can with possible money in it. I see lights shining at the far end of the tunnel. Somebody’s coming! Quickly, I get back in Margot’s car with the coin tray. At this point, my dream is pushing me to wake up. I resist for whatever reason, maybe because I want to know that I escaped successfully. The dream environment is fading from my vision. So I start imagining everything—putting the key into the ignition—driving swiftly back into the tunnel maze just as the other car pulls into the lot. Theft accomplished.

Shortly after 5 p.m. I get out of bed.

Breakfast: Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Zinc.

Musicplayer practice at the storage unit. Working on a fresh idea—building the song structure. At the end of one of the takes Kal responds with a good hearted smile and a “Oh my gosh!” It’s an exciting new song, one that makes me feel rapturous.

Chris has a good idea for a title: “Sassy Bat!”

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. some Salt n Vinegar Chips and Homemade French Fries. Honey Green Tea.

Watching some footage from past Musicplayer shows with the band mates.

Poker turbo rounds with Art and James G.

Sharing Chocolate Fudge Berger Cookies and Milk.

This just isn’t my game tonight. Noodling on the guitar.

Dustin walks in to vent about issues going on at his job. After he’s pretty much done, James says, “You look better now.”

Art wins the game.

Dinner: Basmati Rice with Onions, Mixed Vegetables, Hearts of Palm, and Egg. Garlic Bread.

Newspaper Route.


Coffee from the old man and a Blueberry Muffin from 7-11.

One lesson I learned today: Don’t use the term ‘beautiful’ in identifying anybody else but Margot.

Starting The Vicious Kind [2009].

Sleep around 8:30 a.m.

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