Monday January 10 2011

DREAM: In a thrift store—everyone is organizing the clothes and other items to be sold before the store opens. I have a collection of hats that I need to place somewhere. I drape a towel over a metal bar in order to pin them on. It’s not a good idea. Eventually I find an actual hat rack made out of white plastic. I start putting the hats in their respective spots. There’s a coffee pot missing a lid—looking inside to see the boiling brown water.

4 p.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Orange Juice.

Going to the bank—getting information on an auto loan.

Lunch: Hard Boiled Egg. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Hanging out at Chicho’s Pizza—performing a solo set alongside Mike Gombas.

Margot takes me to the Fuji Yama Sushi Bar off Great Neck Road. The whole restaurant is glowing with a curious warm orange light. Eating the Spicy Salmon Roll, the Volcano Roll, the Great Neck Roll, a special Salmon and Tuna roll on the house, and Miso Soup.

She helps me count and roll all the quarters from the newspaper vending boxes—the pile covers most of the card table.

At her house—lounging on the couch—eating ice cream—watching Whose Line Is It Anyways on the tube.


I borrow Margot’s car to run the newspaper route, which turns out to shave at least an hour off the time it normally takes.

The old man at the Super 8 gives me a cup of Coffee and a Blueberry Muffin from the hotel’s complimentary breakfast table.

Eating Goldfish and a Banana. I forgot how tasty and delicious Goldfish are.

Watching some of the Ralph Nader documentary.

Sleep 8 a.m.

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