Saturday January 1 2011

DREAM: With a group of friends at nighttime exploring the historic streets of Richmond. A sign for a mini-graveyard off to the right—a tiny house with a shed and graves (maybe the Poe museum). An abandoned house 3 stories high. Maybe somebody is still living there. Hearing music coming through a window as we creep around the back. Everybody starts running away because they’re afraid. I didn’t want to leave but I follow—jumping over a steep hill and dragging my feet across the wet grass to catch up with them. I demand they stop running because that makes us look suspicious. Encountering a familiar building structure surrounded by fencing—I’ve seen this before in another dream but it’s under construction now. There’s a cement wall built around the fence with a gap in between—it’s understood that only authorized employees can walk down this path. Certain I won’t get caught; I leave my friends and jump over the cement wall. Carefully walking down hill. I can see up ahead a secure entrance—preparing myself on what to do. When I arrive at the entrance, I realize it’s not an entrance. A hallway to my left is where people enter. Exploring the corridors. This is an airplane port. Walking by various rooms that seem to be the inside of airplanes—people sitting down in their cozy seats—flight attendants preparing for flight. Each room I pass is going to a different country—South Korea—China—Jamaica—Russia—South Africa. At one point, I get stuck in the South Korea plane. It’s about to take off. I run to the door that’s slowly closing on both sides. It shuts but I punch through it anyway and escape. I’m in the African one now! Again, running to the closing door. It shuts. I punch through leaving a dent in the door, but I escape. This goes on for a few more planes. Finally I’m hanging out in mall-like place. A conveyor belt off to the right starts moving with giant slices of a type of pumpkin cheesecake on it. Nobody knows what to do with them. Let’s eat it!

Text from Margot 1:21 pm: “Can I see you tonight after I get off work? I’m feeling weird and think some of your tlc will make me feel better.”

4:08 p.m. Wake up.

Breakfast: Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Butter. An Orange. Orange Mangosteen Juice. Zinc, Vitamin D.

Walking out of my room to find that Doug cleaned up the New Year party debris already. Thank you, Doug.

Work at China Wok.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Art is lounging on the couch watching South Park in Russian overdubs.

The weather outside is really nice. Taking a walk to Target, Kmart, and the Thrift Store.

Eating two Yogurt Granola Bars.

Stretching and watching the footage from last night.

Dinner: Leftover Chicken. Hearts of Palm with Mixed Vegetables. Garlic Naan Bread.

Kenneth is standing by the door venting—He IS always the victim—I feel bad for him when he explains his story and how everybody is out to screw him over, which always seems to be the case.

Today is 1-1-11.

To the storage unit to practice.

She meets me here. The climate-controlled building is unnecessarily colder than the 60-degree weather outside. So we revert to the back of the van where the temperature is almost perfect. I want her so bad. The sexual energy between her and I is so strong. And she’s so beautiful. I’m proud of it. John Keats said it best: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Her tantalizing shape and taunting curves—her cute little head and soft thin hair—I will never grow tired of admiring this Pocahontas girl. And she’s all for me.

Working the newspaper route.

Drinking Coffee—snacking on Salt n Vinegar Chips—eating a 7-11 Blueberry Muffin.

Sleep 8 a.m.

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