Friday January 21 2011

DREAM: I just finished handwriting a manual using a square shaped composition notebook—instructions on the left side, respective shapes/images on the right side. I’m showing the manual to Becca—she’s lying on the floor propping her head up with her right arm—her hair is dyed a bright magenta color. I begin to draw her face with a pencil on a piece of paper out of the notebook. Outlining her hair—developing the frontal features. There’s a protocol in the manual where you have to lift your pencil off the paper in between strokes. Explaining this to Becca—she questions it, “You can’t just draw in a straight line?” Realizing it may be complicated for her to understand, and it didn’t make sense to me either, I reply, “Of course you can. You can do whatever you want.” I emphasized that last part. Thinking to myself I need to quote this for later. Some time after, I find myself at a gas station copying the drawing of Becca onto the cement ground with chalk and quoting what we said to each other.

Becca: “You can’t just draw in a straight line?”

Me: “Of course you can. You can do whatever you want.”

Getting out of bed around 4 p.m.

Breakfast: Toasted Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese. Orange Juice.

Driving over to Margot’s place to exchange cars. Things got complicated with Brian the architect and his Subaru—the shop found a bad oil leak and blah blah blah, something about $3,000 worth of work. I was just about to purchase the car for the same amount. Pacing back and forth in her room and venting about it. She insists that I go to a dealer, which I’ve attempted and still probably will. She also thinks I’m being too picky only looking at Subarus, which I am slightly because this is an important decision, and I like what I’ve researched about Subies. I try to explain how having a car is like having a girlfriend, in a lot of ways. “To a man, a car is a girlfriend. To you, it’s like having a puppy.” She’s also feeling inadequate because I’m so bummed about the whole search for a car along with other unaccomplished feelings. “I’m sorry I’m such a Debby Downer. I just need you to be there.”

Car shopping online. I gave Carmax a chance and fell in love with a Saab wagon. We’ll see within the week if this is just a passing crush or a potential relationship.

Job hunting.

Cleaning up the clutter in the front yard with Kenneth and his friend.

Stretching. Crunches.


Dinner: Edamame. Rice with Peppers and Onions. Garlic Bread.

Ice Cream.

Starting Falling Down [1993]. Why did I not watch this sooner—a fine forgotten 90’s flick written with absolute cleverness.

Newspaper Route.

Coffee and Blueberry Muffin from 7-11.

Smooth and profitable shift.

Counting quarters.


Sleep 8:30 a.m.

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