Tuesday August 3 2010

DREAM: Camera view from above swooping in on a State National Park. I become a prisoner who has a badass persona. I’m with other prisoners and we’re being kept inside barbed wire fence. Visitors are walking by. I see Rita from the ice cream shop kind of half naked. She crawls in through the fencing. I’m trying to decide in my mind if I’m allowed to have sex in the grass, even though I’m a prisoner. The fence changes to a brown wooden-type that would be on a farm or something. I sneak out the bottom opening. The others follow. We fear the workers of the park might see us. I run into a cave, but it’s more like a mall. And there’s a cafe. Time passes in some weird way and I’m working there now. The boss tells me to go home after my shift is over. I keep making excuses in a cocky manner and find some way to continue working. ☼☼☼☼☼ I’m with Margot. We’re passing a high school and I turn to her, “Hey! Let’s be high school students together!” She’s reluctant at first. At any rate, we walk into the school and we’re back in time. I see old school mates from Ocean Lakes there. I try to convince Margot that I can change the course of the future by doing one small thing, similar to the butterfly effect. We walk by my friend Ben Briggs who is talking with a few friends. I grab his arm and tell him quickly, “You’re a whore.” Margot and I continue to walk on. I can still see Ben upset. A magical dust appears slowly, I assume is caused from what I did. The future is changing and I don’t know what’s going to happen now.

2:50 p.m. waking up.

Breakfast: Toasted Plain Bagel with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Mango Juice. Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin E.

Margot takes me to the mall to get me some new clothes for my birthday, then treats me to California Pizza Kitchen.

Eating Crunchy Artichoke Hearts with an amazing Mayo and Dijon mustard dip. Pizza with Peppers, Mushrooms. Then, Warm Butter Cake with Ice Cream and Fudge icing for dessert.

Me: “You’re so transparent. I always know what you’re feeling.”

Her: “I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

Me: “No. You wear it on your face.”

Practice at the storage unit with Chris.

Caitlin and I drink coffee at Rick’s Café for a while having live discussions concerning the recent Facebook debates about men and women.

Me: “I don’t see females as a different species. If I portray that opinion to anybody, it’s really a joke, like, I see it as sort of humorous to think that, you know, you [Caitlin] are an alien, and I’m an alien to you.”

The Russians present me with birthday gifts including a Chinese cookbook, a stainless steel teapot, and a 60’s style apron….”because you like to cook, Robert.”

On the road again – driving to see Phil on the farm in Marshall, Virginia. Music filling my imagination with rhythm and melodies. It starts raining, lightly tapping on top of my van. Then it pours. I decide stop and park near a McDonalds along the way.


Sleep/napping in the back of my van. 5:30 a.m.

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