Thursday August 19 2010

DREAM: There’s two semi-trucks lined up one in front of the other at a truck stop. One of them is very big and red. It’s supposed to be an attraction for people to take tours inside. There’s a big white man in the driver seat but I can barely see him because the windows are tinted. I want to see inside and take the tour but I sense something evil about the truck. I jump on the back of it hanging onto the silver rods. The truck feels me and every time I get on, it reverses in attempt to shrug me off. Finally, the big white man opens the door and gets out of the truck. I reason with him, “Hey man, I know you’re probably sick of people seeing your truck as an attraction, but I just want to see inside.” Out of the corner of my eye I see another man quickly hop on the truck and leave just as quickly as if he was making some kind of illegal transaction. His eyes are glaring a sinister red color. From a distance, looking inside the truck and observing the crazy computer consoles.

Waking up to the alarm.

Conducting a mystery shop McDonalds off VB Blvd.

Eating a Chicken Sandwich and Fries with Orange Juice. Then swallowing Zinc and Alfalfa Grain.

While sitting in the restaurant, Emily calls me randomly. She says she’s in a super happy mood and just wanted to tell me she loved me and that she was sorry for not talking to me that time when I was in a desperate state and needed someone to talk to.

With Margot thrift store shopping just past Witchduck Rd.

The stealth quickie in the fitting room releases too many endorphins for me to handle.

Drinking coffee and relaxing on the couch. Margot is napping next to me.

Fixing flashlights.

Eating Figs and Watermelon.


Lunch: Toasted Peanut Butter Sandwich. Quaker Cheddar Cheese Rice Crackers. Mango Oolong Tea. Peach.

Recording at the storage unit.

Kal and Chris meet up later for practice. We have a show tomorrow at Chichos Pizza in Chesapeake, then Club Relevant on Saturday.

Afterwards, talking with Kal outside about our nerdy tendencies, his towards being a beer connoisseur, and mine towards collecting and documenting. He threw away his old journals and I’ve kept mine. He says if it’s important then he’ll remember it. Memory triggers are more necessary than the details.

Eating more Watermelon and Figs.

Talking with Art in the kitchen. He tells me about this mob and pimp system in Russia where about 50 homeless people are hired to ask for change in the streets. It’s collected everyday in return for food and shelter. So the mob keeps all the change money, which can amount to almost $2,000 a day.

Dinner: Red Beans and Lentils with Rice. Steamed Green Beans and Broccoli.

Emily arrives home from Maryland with her new Saturn car.

Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies with Milk.

Margot puts on the first season of True Blood. I introduce myself to it and discover I may be halfway there to becoming a vampire myself—the night is my friend.

Pulling a few more hours of recording at the storage unit.

Sleep at 5:45 a.m.

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