Monday August 30 2010

DREAM: Sitting on a couch with my laptop. Art is nearby. I get excited about taking panoramic photos with this program I used to use a long time ago. I walk over to another table, pick up this really nice SLR camera, and pull out this strange looking memory USB card. I put it into my laptop and find the panoramic program that lets you take photos on your webcam, which is called “Live in Doom”. The icon for it is a rectangular image of a close up shot of brown mechanical wires with an eye in the corner giving you the feeling it’s a monster of some kind. The webcam is active now so I can see myself and Art—having trouble lining up both of us in the frame. It’s weird because the image doesn’t match up with where we really are. Now I’m rewinding it as if it was video footage. I catch a funny clip of me getting angry and throwing something on the coffee table making a big clash sound.

4:48 p.m. I wake up. Feeling like I just slept through my life. Don’t understand how I stayed asleep for so long.

Emily says the power is out. My only concern is using the toaster at the moment. Magically the power comes back on as I open the fridge.

Breakfast: Toasted Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin with Butter. Papaya. Immune Defense.

Entertained by the spam mail I’ve been receiving lately:

“Buying prescriptions from cana*da is che?aper and fast
Order direc"t from us

and showed him how to put them on; and he was very much obliged to
my boughs, and when the wind blew I could nod just as grandly as the
The land of rest,
letter to the Princess. One day when he had ridden a great distance,
She told with right good-will,
Godmother's wand tapped her lightly on the shoulder, and in place of
were fastened on the shoulders of the little Queen, she could fly from
Within this lonesome glen,
the highest kind of civilization; a record of heroism taken from the
Thinks it odd, smiles away;
I saw the different things you did,
name; is it common in your family?"
Great Big Voice:”

Riding my bike to Big Lots. The young girl I see all the time at the register, casually beautiful with a big smile that makes me feel like she knows all my secrets. She rings me up. I hand her the money. She opens up the drawer and says to me, “It’s your lucky day,” and hands me 66 cents all in nickels and of course one penny.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Vanilla Yogurt with Raspberries. Mango Oolong Tea.

Art and I Help Elliott move his mattress, couch, and other things into his new apartment in Norfolk with Wesley. “1623 Moving Co. NO HASSLES FREE”

Eating Peaches and Papaya.

I see Mab walking down Colley Ave. I make mention to her how she reminds me of something animated.

With Art and Becca at Waffle House.

Sipping Coffee and eating a Waffle. I asked to make the waffle light. And it was really light—so much I could taste the batter. Delicious.

Becca tells us about a confrontation with a strange man in Portsmouth who looked just like Art—and about her “Hell Week”.

Art explains the odd ways he’s seen Americans use a fork and knife to cut food by placing the knife through the middle slit in the fork.

He suggests doing a Show N Tell week rather than just one night where anybody at anytime can come over and share something during that particular week.

Talking about the porn industry in Russia compared to America and how things have changed since the early 90’s after the Soviet Union was vanquished—Western influence brought new studies into schools and opened opportunities of sexual freedom. But for the older generations, even talking about sex is still taboo.

Critiquing Art’s pronunciation of certain words, “idea” sounds like “ideer”.

Driving back home, Art in the passenger seat. Analyzing different types of romantic relationships. He tells me how his girlfriend, Olga, almost always understands and feels like him, making it easier for him to be independent—using the term “whole” to define them. He tells me “without trust and honesty, there is no relations”. I express my situation with Margot and how I don’t feel she trusts me and still tries to control me. She had been texting me to come visit her at work tonight. After informing her of what I was already doing, being out in Norfolk helping Elliott move and being at Waffle House, she reverts to an accusation: “You obv don’t want to see me.” and “you never try to see me or make plans with me so I give up.” These are common issues to deal with in any kind of relationship when it comes to spending time with another. I understand where she’s coming from, but you’re at work darling! Why place so much importance on a visit at work? Especially since I’m already indisposed. It’s always the smaller disappointments that bring up the bigger issues at hand.


I didn’t even reply to Margot’s accusations but I get another text: “Hey sorry about earlier. I hope you know I only get like that cause I miss you and feel like we haven’t really hung out in awhile. But I do feel like I make all the plans/effort to hang out fyi.” Fair enough.

3 a.m. Dinner: Minestrone Soup with Ezekiel 4:9 Bread. Apple Sauce.

Recording at the storage unit.

Reading The History of Love and sipping White Green Tea. Eating a Pluot.

Sleep 7 a.m.

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