Thursday August 5 2010

DREAM: With four other people. We’re leaving America on a small boat to go back to our respective countries. There’s confusion on the route being taken. The guy from Denmark doesn’t want to make a stop in Iceland, where a few others and I are headed, but instead ride straight to Denmark. This doesn’t make sense to me as Iceland is on the way to Denmark. Finally, we come to an understanding on the route. We start getting on the boat, which is more like a pool raft that you fill with air, and there’s roofing. As soon as one person steps in, the raft starts to sink a little. I explain that if we all get in at once, it will balance itself out. The 5 of us pile in. The boat starts moving. But the momentum of a left turn topples the boat over, sending me straight up through the air. It’s a disastrous scene. But I land safely on top of a house near the harbor. I jump from roof to roof trying to get to the boat’s dock. I come up with a plan to have another boat that only goes to Denmark and we’ll use this boat for Iceland. In this way, there won’t be so much weight on either of the boats and we can travel safely.

It’s 1:11 p.m. I’m finally getting up.

The dogs were barking their heads off throughout the morning. Other than that, I’m satisfied with the substance of my sleep.

Breakfast: Egg. Toast with Butter and Blackberry Jelly. Orange Juice.

There’s a peach orchard down the street. $10 bags. You Pick Yourself. The lady of the big white house meets me at the door and explains it’s the end of the season. I see a storm coming in the distance. Satisfied with my bag, I drive into town and buy a few things in the local market. The rain pours and pours for about 10 minutes, then no more. Quick stop at La Palmita Market to buy two cheap cigars for Phil and I later tonight. The cute Mexican girl checks me out.

The sun is steaming up the wet asphalt on the roads.

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with Tomatoes. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Mango Oolong Tea.

The cavalry of dogs follows me everywhere in the house. They are the perfect companions, loving, faithful, supportive, and always by my side. The cats just keep to themselves until you approach them.

Kiki, Kittykins, Mur, Princess, Winkie, Chub Chub, Oodles, Benji.

Sitting on the porch reading What is it About Virginia? and The History of Love.

Birds of various colors and species corral on the feeder with spastic-like behavior.

The sky cracks open and releases an ocean of water again. The mist landing on my skin. Electric light and thunder booming everywhere. That fresh rain smell filling up my nostrils and giving me the feeling of a hypnotic and cleansing kind.

Eating Peach Pie.

Playing guitar, writing songs.

Phil comes home from work at The Vet. We drive to feed the baby horses kept at another field.

Eating an apple I picked off a tree.

Phil tells me Nick Jackson is visiting tonight.

Harmen and Phil’s mother arrive home from their sailing trip in the Delaware Bay. Their boat was hit by lightening and blew out all the electronics forcing them to use maps to guide them back to the harbor.

Listening to them tell the story while I eat leftover Pasta from last night with Curry Naan Bread.

Harmen: “When it hit I was blind! Nothing worked after.”

Nick Jackson shows up. Eating slices from the new batch of Peach Pie Phil baked.

Nick describes a disturbing dream he had in the hospital where his body was moving against his will through objects in his house eventually becoming attached to his dog and his subconscious glitching towards the end.

As Phil tries to explain binaural beats and how they change your state of consciousness to Nick, it evolves into a discussion about all kinds of waves, sound waves, radio waves, brain waves, light waves, etc. and how or if they affect each other.

Looking for some night exploring to get into. Nick drives while describing his adventurous travels in Portugal. There’s a day where all the Portuguese eat Sardine fish all day, for every meal. In detail, I hear about how he was stabbed 5 times from a mob/gang of people.

Stopped in a cemetery. Sharing the cigar I bought at La Palmita Market. Talking about synesthesia, associating numbers with colors or notes in music with colors, hearing and how a person’s brain turns sound into music. It’s dark. The stars are bright and clear in the sky.

Back at the house, eating more Peach Pie with Milk.!/album.php?aid=196498&id=709546229&ref=mf

Sleep around 5 a.m.

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Melanie said...

Wow, sounds like a very full day.
The part of your dream where one person wants to go straight home instead of making the obvious route stops along the way so reminds me of my kids as teenagers. They thought I should take them straight home when I had short stops to make along the way as if somehow it was no inconvenience. LOL

Picturing you hopping from rooftop to rooftop and thinking it sounds like a movie again. LOL

Synesthesia is an interesting topic. I've watched a few interesting programs on it in the past.

I have a dog that follows me everywhere and is always underfoot. I love her, but it drives me crazy. LOL