Friday June 26 2020


Waking up at noon.


Ana and I link up with her mom at First Watch for brunch. Enjoying some French Toast and Coffee. We notice our neighbors are eating across the room. We order them a Morning Mediation drink just because.



Running some errands with Ana.


Back home. Doing some cleaning and catching up on business.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Vegan Cream Cheese. Spinach. Tea.


Doing more chores – vacuuming – stretching.


Doing a Zoom meeting with my financial advisor.


Tristan shows up and we ride our bikes to the oceanfront. Linking up with Ana and Roland at the Rudee Loop. Shooting some basketball with a few strangers and hanging out. There’s a problem once we discover all the restaurants are closing and it’s too late for us to order.



After getting back home we decide to order some Black Bean Burgers and Crab Cake Sandwiches from Barrel 17. Erica joins us. Her and Ana jam out at Music Makers while I transport all the gear over to the rehearsal spot – I’m there color coding all the mic cables and figuring out where everything’s gonna go for MMLIVE on Sunday.


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