Friday June 19 2020

Waking up around 12:30 p.m.


Cereal. Black Mango Tea.


Ana and I have to take Elvis to the vet. It’s been 3 years at least. We butter him up and spray Feliway, a pheromone spray to help calm him down. At the Hilltop Vet. They’re super nice and calm here but unfortunately, they could not do anything even with the cat whisperer doctor. So we schedule a future visit where they can sedate him. Poor bobo.


It’s a beautiful sunny day. Running around in the truck with Ana picking up a few things at Trader Joe’s and getting lunch at Aloha Snacks (Salmon Poke).


Packing up and getting organized.


I say goodbye to Ana. Erica and Ally are here – they’re about to go brave a skate park with Ana.


Hitting the road towards Goldsboro, North Carolina to visit my dad. Father’s Day is on Sunday and I thought I’d spend the weekend there.


The drive is short and sweet. Sipping on a cold brew Coffee. I busy myself with nostalgic tunes on the stereo till I arrive.


In the living room having long talks with dad and Patty about all the stuff going on in the world (the virus, police brutality, racism, the protests, the changes).


Peaches and Yogurt. Green Tea.


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