Friday June 12 2020


Waking up around noon or so. Elvis vies for affection in the bed and so does Ana (making fire).


Cereal. Breakfast Tea.


Catching up on business and house chores.


Ana and I run errands around Hilltop.


We take Elvis for a ride in the truck. We’re acclimating him to rides.


Sharing Aloha Snacks for lunch out on the patio.

Mushroom Tempura Burger with Fries.


Riding our bikes down to the oceanfront. It’s kind of a perfect day out cause the sun hides behind the clouds. Tristan links up with us at the Rudee Loop. Then, we ride over to 67th Street where Elliott is celebrating his birthday with Michelle and Kenny. On the beach we let off some steam and act ridiculous. I brought this flying ring. At some point Kenny accidentally throws it in the ocean. Elliott tries his best to retrieve but it’s lost at sea. Lol.



We chill out at his parent’s house on 16th sharing Fish Tacos from Gringo’s. Talks about space and enjoying everyone’s company.


Settling down back at home. Catching up on writing and editing the footage.






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