Saturday September 28 2019



Experiencing stressful dreams of being in uncomfortable situations and getting stuck in a loop of setting things up on a stage with all these things going wrong.


Waking up around 11 a.m. to the smell of Ana’s Pumpkin Pancakes downstairs.


Enjoying breakfast with Jenna, mom, and her.


Teaching afternoon lessons at Music Makers.


Packing up the vehicles with music gear for the gig.


Leftover Spaghetti with Baby Broccoli and Kale.


At Aloha Snacks setting up on the back patio for the Musicplayer show. I get the first set going and soon after friends arrive. Ana and I do our thing and have a good time.


Talking with Jesse, the owner, afterwards. Discovering that I offended him earlier when he was recording a live video of me. I said something playful and sarcastic during that Shins song and I think he took it the wrong way. It really threw me off. I apologize cause I had no idea. Sometimes I forget I can’t act the same way I act with close friends. Hopefully we cleared the air.


After unloading everything back to Music Makers and setting things up there I finally arrive at home to unwind with a smoothie (made by mom) and relax in the living room.



Later on, Ana and I finish watching Aladdin (2019).


Sleep 3 a.m.

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