Saturday September 14 2019



Waking up around 11:30 a.m.


Packing up the car, Ana and I hit the road towards Hopewell, Virginia. I’ve got A New World Record gig tonight. The sun is shining perfectly through the car windows as we enjoy each other’s company. Stopping by the Virginia Diner through Suffolk. Snacking on PB&J’s and Chocolate Peanuts.



At The Beacon Theater linking up with the band/crew. Setting up the stage. It’s an historic building with a lot of history. Many famous acts have performed here. Sound check goes smoothly.



Afterwards, Ana and I take a stroll across the street at a city park. It seems like they just recently built the playgrounds and wood walkways by the river. It’s a very beautiful scene. There’s a section of overgrown green leaves that envelopes a group of trees, like a blanket of green ivy. We walk up to the water where it kind of resembles/reminds me of Crystal Lake from the Jason movies. Ana and I do a photo shoot.




Eating Chinese food provided by the venue. Then, doing our ELO show (two 45 minute sets of all the ELO hits). The response from the crowd is grandiose, so much love for what we’re doing on stage reviving memories of their younger times.


Packing up and hitting the road.


Relaxing in the passenger seat on the drive back with Ana at the wheel. We’re both seemingly feeling at ease with each other after experiencing something different than just being at home and doing our usual things.

“Hey can I say something?” I interject during a song she wanted to listen to.

“What?” she always reacts eagerly whenever it sounds like I’m about to say something serious.

“Wouldn’t you say we got along really well today?”

We both agree. I guess we found hope in Hopewell.


After about two hours we make it back home. After editing all the video footage we settle down and enjoy watching it. Being playful and making “fire”.


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