Friday September 6 2019



Waking up around noon. The power cut off and on but now it’s off for good. The winds blow through the woods behind Chanticleer as Virginia Beach experiences the curtail of Hurricane Dorian.


Ana, mom, and I hop in the truck and drive over to Three Ships for Biscuits, Pastries, and Coffee. We expected flooding but there’s not much going on – just a few fallen tree branches and panel sidings from houses on the road. We made it just in time before they decided to close. Mom describes a funny dream where Adam Sandler led a bunch of people dressed like Smurfs across a frozen lake and demonstrated a trick where he turned into a blob along the lake. Ana dreamt of going to the Philippines.


Back home we light up a few candles. Sitting at my computer desk I can hear Anthony and Ana practicing on guitar and singing simultaneously.



At the studio there’s power so I go there to work on business things and pack up the music gear.


At Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant setting up for the gig tonight. The owner ended up booking us for two nights in a row. But Ana still has to work so I corralled Anthony to split the gig with me. He starts it off with high energy folk songs, some Lazy Danger originals and other covers.


Enjoying a Crab Cake Sandwich with Fries and Slaw.


I do some songs before Ana arrives from work. Then, her and I do a few tunes. At some point we get all three of us doing Sugar Ray and Cranberries! It’s a good time. After dinnertime the crowd dies down but we continue on. A dude from a table is obviously a drummer so we grab him up to the stage to do our Talking Heads and Stones songs.


After the show, we don’t have to break down or pack up cause we’ll be back here tomorrow night. So Ana and I take a stroll on the boardwalk just to clear our minds and enjoy the post storm sea breeze.



Back home. Snacking on some Fruit and recapping videos from the show.



Chamomile Tea and Popcorn.


Sleep 3:45 a.m.

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