Monday September 30 2019

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.


Date and Almond Bar. English Breakfast Tea.


My mom had surgery today, a hysterectomy. So I’m left to manage the Music Makers phone and scheduling for the day. I spend most of my afternoon dealing with that.


Scrambled Eggs. Poppy Seed Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Coffee.

Watching In the Shadow of the Moon (2019).


Teaching lessons at Music Makers. Rachel’s here holding down the front desk.


Back home. Eating some quick cook Asian Noodles with Kale and Carrots.


Eating a mediocre Chocolate Cookie that Ana got from the bagel place.


Doing the accounting for the month.



Hanging out with Ana and the cat. Then, I put on some calming flute meditation music and we make fire.


Sleep 3 a.m.

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