Saturday January 5 2019


Waking up around 10:45 a.m. The sounds of the big city fill up the ambient noise outside.

It’s imperative that I take Ana to my favorite donut shop in New York, Peter Pan. We make the long 30 minute trek out to Greenwich via the train. It’s always crowded in here with some of the same Ukrainian girls in pink hats and sea green aprons I’ve seen last time I was here. Ordering a variety of donuts. The Coffee is just basic and black enough that it blends well with the rich flavor of the donuts.

Back over in Midtown meeting up with the ELO band/crew. We make our way to the Hilton where the extravagant APAP Showcase is going on. We set up our gear on stage and sound check. The whole thing at times feels very stressful cause we’re told certain things will be happening and then it changes. But it’s whatever. After eating an overpriced basic Salad I attempt to nap under a table in the bands hangout room.

Later, we get on stage and perform our 20 minute set, condensed versions of songs we usually do. Everything goes very smoothly and we get a good response from the crowd.

Afterwards, Ana and I hit the train back over to Brooklyn to eat dinner at Champ’s, a popular Vegan diner that was recommended to us. I chow down on a very spicy Seitan Sandwich with Fries and Fried Cauliflower Wings (a surprisingly tasty appetizer).

After some debate we meet up with John at The Slipper Room, an infamous hole in the wall burlesque lounge where risqué dancers perform various routines. What really makes the show is the tuxedo barbershop mustache host on the mic. His cartoonish charisma charms the audience consistently with dirty puns and jokes. Ana and I lean against the sidewall and enjoy the show thoroughly.

Back in the hotel room we feel inspired. I encourage Ana to imitate what the girls were doing at the show. She obliges after putting on some mood music.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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