Monday January 7 2019


Waking up around 11 a.m. I had a crazy dream where Ana and I were staying in the same hotel room but slightly different and in what seemed like a different universe where supernatural things were happening out in the open. I look up at a sun window and see a bunch of rubble fall from buildings above as if something was flying in from the sky and crashed. I warn Ana about it and she doesn’t seem to be startled.

It’s our final day in New York City. The other half of the ELO crew drove back last night. With Bri, Trevor, and Ana. We hop on the subway and enjoy a classic New York Bagel and Pastries. Then, checking out the Museum of Sex in the lower east side.

There’s so much to peruse, look at, and read about. The first exhibition is dedicated to Leonor Fini, a provocateur artist who was known for her focus on gender and sexuality in painting, theater, and costumes. Ahead of her time in the 1930’s I would say when sexuality was taboo.

Another exhibition called “Punk Lust” focused on the punk movement of the 60’s and 70’s and it’s role in sexuality. And another focused on early pornography from 1905 to the 1930’s. At the very end Ana and I were able to jump around in the bounce house for two minutes where everything resembled nipples. Fun times.

Packing up and loading all our luggage into the white Jeep, crawling through Lincoln Tunnel traffic, and onward to Virginia Beach.

7 hours later, a couple stops and snacks along the way, we arrive back in Virginia Beach.

Mom made us Potatoes, Green Beans, and Spinach for late night welcome home meal. We talk more about her cancer. The radiation treatments are done but she’ll be seeing the doctor Thursday to figure out more details on what’s going on. It’s not a fun conversation to have as soon as I arrive.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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